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Shanti’s Family

We are in the thick of post-placement adjustment right now, so serious blogging will have to wait. I promise I’ll be back with an update soon, but that update won’t come today. However, Shanti’s homework assignment this afternoon was too good not to share right away.

To everyone who donated to our adoption efforts and to everyone who supported and prayed for us along the way, this is what you have made possible. Thank you.


Shanti's family poem


Shanti’s Family

I waited for my family.
I asked God for help.
On November 1st my family came.
I was confused.
I had never had a family.

Now I have a family.
I thank God for my family.
On November 1st we have a special day.
I’m so happy.
Now I’m a daughter.

By: Author Daughter Shanti Araya

Thank you! 🙂


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