Auction ends tonight!

Sorry for our silence here the last two weeks. Paperwork duties swarmed over us, sucking up all spare time, and I’m now catching up on all that I didn’t do during the the paperwork madness. At the moment, we’re waiting: for child abuse registry clearances to come back, for state department authentications to come back, etc. I’m hoping and praying everything comes in next week so our papers can be mailed and submitted the first full week of October.

In the meantime, our silent auction is almost over! It ends in just over 15 hours, and we have some amazing items available for super low prices. A few items don’t yet have bids, including two of my very favorite items in the whole auction: the stump table and the lace afghan.

The stump table was handcrafted and donated by a family in process to adopt two children from Shanti’s orphanage. Similar tables regularly sell for $600 and up! It’s an incredible piece of craftsmanship, and I can’t believe its future owner hasn’t yet placed a bid. Additional photos of the stump table are available here, and they show just how beautiful this table is.

table 2

The lace afghan was donated by a close friend who lives in Cincinnati, herself an adoptive mom (and adoptive grandmother — her adult children have adopted quite a few children of their own). Words can’t fully describe just how beautiful this afghan is. It’s simply exquisite.

white afghan - Ellen ReadPlease take a few moments today to look through all of the items available in our online auction, and get in your bid while you still can. Don’t forget — bidding ends at midnight tonight! :)


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