Homestudy, One Meter at a Time Deerfield 5K, and a Birthday

I wrote most of this post on Sunday but barely had time to breathe on Monday or Tuesday … definitely no time to actually publish it. I didn’t intend to delay blogging about our most recent 5K in our “One Meter at a Time” fundraiser, but that’s just how it goes sometimes. :)

This past weekend was an eventful and wonderful one. The weekend bliss started early: at 3:00 on Friday afternoon, I got a phone call from our social worker that our homestudy was complete, signed, notarized, and ready for me to pick up. Oh what rejoicing! Oh what ecstasy! Words are completely inadequate to describe our joy at finally completing this step of our adoption. The homestudy process seemed to drag on and on, and its completion came with a HUGE sense of accomplishment. The first major hurdle in our adoption journey has passed! Hooray!

After the phone call, I rushed to our adoption agency to pick up our papers and then immediately drove to UPS to overnight the hot-off-the-presses homestudy docs to USCIS. The next step in our process is to obtain approval from the United States Customs and Immigration Service to bring two immigrant children into the United States. This process can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months, and we are obviously hoping for the shorter end of that time span. With the submission of our homestudy, our USCIS application is now complete. We’re praying for smooth and speedy processing of our documents. On Monday afternoon, I got an email confirmation from USCIS that our case has been received, so the process is officially underway. Woohoo!

USCIS confirmation

The homestudy bliss was just the start to our weekend. Saturday, we hopped crawled out of bed bright and early so we could be ready and waiting for the starting gun in Deerfield’s Cottrell Park at 8 am sharp. That’s right – this past weekend was our 2nd 5K run of our “One Meter at a Time” fundraiser! As they did for our last 5K, Rory, Suzanne, and Erica ran the Deerfield Honors Veterans 5K with us. We have such amazing, supportive friends!




We’ve all made huge strides since we ran the Paige’s Princess Run 5K 4 weeks ago. Rory and Suzanne both finished second in their age/gender division. Good job guys!



Erica, Arturo, and I weren’t as speedy as they were, but we all ran virtually the entire race, which wasn’t true of the Paige’s Princess Run in May. (Full disclosure: we walked a few steps at the water break. None of us are any good at running and drinking at the same time.) Arturo and I in particular were quite happy with our improvement. Plus, every 5K we run means our children are $5,000 closer to home! Thank you all SO much for your donations, support, and prayers. This adoption will only be possible because of you!


The park had a playground, and once the race was over, we took advantage of the swings. :)

The park had a playground, and once the race was over, we took advantage of the swings. :)




Once we were home from the race, it was time to continue with our Saturday activities. Saturday was a great day and not just because of the 5K. Saturday was Suzanne’s birthday. I love birthdays anyway, and Suzanne has been my closest, dearest, bestest friend for years. Needless to say, Saturday was a pretty special day. Arturo and I made funfetti cupcakes (the absolute best kind!) after the race and then spent all Saturday afternoon at Rory & Suzanne’s house enjoying the company of great friends at Suzanne’s birthday party.



Happy Birthday, Suzanne! I’m so glad you’re my friend. :)



The weekend ended Sunday evening with a fun outdoor concert in Springfield, OH with the Springfield Symphony Orchestra. Arturo and I are both members of the cello section and always look forward to SSO concerts. Our last 2 summer concerts were rained out, and the weather forecast for this Sunday wasn’t lookin’ good. But against all odds, fair weather prevailed, and we were able to play the full program.


Have a great Wednesday. I hope your weekend was a good one!

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