Our First 5K is Scheduled!

About two weeks ago, Arturo excitedly wrote that we’d passed the $5,000 mark in our fundraising efforts, meaning it was time to sign up for our first One Meter at a Time 5K run. Earlier this week, I sent in our registration forms for Paige’s Princess Run 5K. We are psyched!

Finneytown Wildcats 5K

taken after the Finneytown Wildcat 5K,
which we signed up for as Guardian Angels for our children.
We had no idea when we signed up for this 5K that God
would ultimately call us to adopt the children for whom we were fundraising!

The entry fee we paid to register for the Paige’s Princess 5K run will go to provide grants for children who have lifelong disabilities and medical issues. What a perfect fit for our adoption fundraising efforts! We couldn’t be more excited to support the Paige’s Princess Foundation.

From the Paige’s Princess Foundation website:

“Paige’s Princess Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization providing small grants to pediatric patients with life-long disabilities. We are not condition-specific and consider applications from any disorder or diagnosis that results in the disability of the child. Grants will be made to finance adaptive equipment or therapeutic services to enhance the quality of life, mobility and independent function of the child.”

The Paige’s Princess Foundation is partnered with The Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Our children are already registered as patients at The Cincinnati Children’s Hospital International Adoption Center, and we believe 1,000% in the work that Cincinnati Children’s does. The doctors and therapists at the International Adoption Center have already been invaluable to us as we navigate the pre-adoption process. We both have a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that the first 5K we run as part of our One Meter at a Time fundraiser will also help support children who need specialized medical care, care that is similar to what our children will need once they come home.

One meter at time, one step at a time, one dollar at a time, we’re bringing our children home! :)

Araya Adoption Fundraiser: One Meter at a Time

Thank you SO much to all those who are praying for us and to those who donated to our adoption fund. You made it possible for us to run this race. We’ll keep you updated about our training, and we’ll let you know how the race itself goes. We’re not looking to break any speed records, but we know we’ll have a great time!

If you’d like to donate toward our next 5K, which we’ll schedule once we’ve raised $10,000, please visit our Get Involved page for all the details about how you can help. Thank you!

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